php mysql fetch array

In php mysql_fetch_array() function returns result in array corresponding to the fetched rows,if there are no rows it returns FALSE.As in example we have table employees in mysql database.

id first_name last_name salary city
1 Johan Sumith 200000 Delhi
2 Ansh Kumar 300000 Mumbai
3 Sameer Seth 100000 Delhi
4 Pyush 250000 Kolkata
5 Shikha Anand 160000 Chandigarh
6 Rajeev Khatri 450000 Chennai
7 Ram Kumar 540000 Amritsar
8 Ritu Sharma 500000 Sonepat
9 Deepika Verma 360000 Chandigarh
10 Kuldeep Singh 270000 Simla
Now we want to fetch those records where salary is greater than 4,00,000.
{ //connection is opened
mysql_select_db($db,$link) or die("could not select database".mysql_error());
$query="SELECT * FROM employees WHERE salary>400000";
echo $arr["first_name"]." ".$arr["last_name"]." ".$arr["salary"]."<br/>";
 { //otherwise gives error
  echo mysql_error();