Web hosting

After making web site, you need to put your website on some computer (server) to make it visible to the whole world.
That server is connected to the Internet 24/7.You need to take space  on rent on the server for hosting your website .
There are several type of web hosting plans available in market. Before taking any web hosting plan you need to keep in mind  following points.
. Type of web hosting, shared hosting or dedicated hosting
     If your website does not have large number of visitors then shared hosting is suitable. 
     This will suffice for most of the websites. If traffic volume is high then dedicated web hosting is    required.
2. How much space do you need?
    This depends on your size of files like web pages, images,videos and  flash files etc. 
    And in future you are uploading more files or not? But remember limited web space is better than unlimited.
3. Which  platform  is required?
    If  your website is dynamic and you are using some scripting language like php ,java servlet,
    asp and asp.net etc. These scripting languages runs on both platforms depends web hosting provider. But in my opinion for php and java 
    you should go with linux and for asp/asp.net take window hosting. And you may choose anyone, either window or linux if your website
     has only html pages. 
4. Do you need database or not?
   You need database if you collect information through website want to save like user's information or your website is dynamic.